Clogged Gutter

All too often we will inspect houses where the gutters are either clogged or have no slope in them. After a rainfall these gutters will collect with water as seen in the picture. This particular gutter had debris filling the downspout so there was no where for the water to go.

When our inspections discover gutters like this, we recommend that the homeowner immediately clean them or adjust the gutters as necessary to provide adequate slope to drain the water. If not corrected, multiple issues could arise. First of these being that the water will eventually rise over the top of the gutter edge and damage wood fascia and flowerbeds. Even worse, with enough rainfall the water that is spilling over the edge will pool around the home’s foundation. Over time this will create cracks in the foundation and ultimately could compromise the structural integrity of it.

Cleaning gutters takes a matter of minutes and it is recommended that homeowners do it at least twice a year. This routine maintenance could prevent much bigger headaches down the road.

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